Everyone agrees: experiences are stickier for today’s consumer - and transformational experience is the future.

WE guides groups through transformation with an approach that is high-touch, authentic, and immersive. Our programs combine the best of mindfulness, intentional dialogue, and collaborative art experiences to create an experience of group flow and genuine connection for your audience.  

WE x lululemon Case Study

WE have seen that what’s missing from the influencer space is development - a chance for these individuals to grow personally and professionally while being in authentic relationship with each other.

Lululemon asked WE to develop a micro-influencer program that went beyond a swag bag / happy hour / workout and created lasting connection to lululemon and each other.

WE custom-designed a four part series for 20 lululemon “luminaries” called WE: THRIVE. This experiential series utilized mindfulness, EQ tools, and creative collaborations to explore what wellbeing means for each woman.

As a result:

86% of luminaries
voluntarily spent $$ at lulu in addition to t
heir gift cards

93% of luminaries
will continue to invest time in their fellow luminaries outside of the program (true community!)

90% of luminaries
participate in events at their local lulu store as a result of this program

luminaries learned new things about lulu along the way:

“They’re f-ing dope for caring about women like us and seeing us past #’s.”

“How freakin’ incredible their align pants are.”

“How committed to not only the exterior, but interior of women and helping them fully thrive.”

fun facts:

luminaries average 2-3 insta stories a week and tag @lululemon and #thesweatlife

several luminaries have gone on to partner with local lulu stores by hosting events, creating in-store murals, and more