Art as our Teacher

WE believe play is a highly underutilized form of learning and connection.

There is a powerful connection that takes when people create something symbolic and representative of their communal experience together.  Studies have shown that holistic learning, and thus the integration of new ideas, happens on a very different physiological and neurological level when explored through a creative making process.

When we create together we practice a type of empathy and exploration that goes beyond the exchange of ideas into a transformational experience.


WE Collaborative Installations

In every WE program you will experience the power of collaborative making.
Our art installations range from individual take-home pieces to large-scale masterpieces that conceptualize relational concepts like empathy, abundance mindsets, owning our contributions, and many more.


A Lunar Disposition

Each attendee contributed to a collaborative art installation called “A Lunar Disposition” to represent their current mindset.

Each attendee wrote down their current mindsets in the categories of health, career, finance, creativity, and relationship. Abundant mindsets were arranged on the light side of the moon, and scarcity mindsets on the shadow side. 

The final galaxy is an important visualization of how our mindsets are affecting others and how we each impact the larger whole with what we believe and manifest.

At Your Core

Each attendee made an individual conceptual art project called "At Your Core". 

These layered pieces helped us process our individual voice and commitments to how we use social media irregardless of the messages that are constantly bombarding us. 

Starting with the top layer, attendees explored prompts like "I FOLLOW, I LIKE, I SHARE, I CONTRIBUTE, I WON’T, I WANT, I AM" to establish powerful intentions for social media. 



See It Through

Each attendee created an individual mixed media piece called “See It Through” to represent their recovery goals for the following year.

To create these layered pieces, each attendee reflected on their current stressors, identified one recovery practice to help them thrive, and explored one relationship in their life that would be impacted by their recovery practice.


Our Power Grid

For this conceptual art installation, each attendee made an individual power grid that was assembled into a collective masterpiece.

To create their grid, attendees looked at how they’ve exercised personal agency in their past, present and future. Each intersection (matrices) represents a moment when that individual’s superpower collided with a decision they made.

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Picturing a New Reality

At the end of our workshop, attendees set a Next Step Goal for the year ahead through a creative process. After writing about their commitments, they selected a series of vintage art photos that resonated with their goals and how they’d feel accomplishing them.