WE transforms cultures through relationship

Our experiential development programs give each employee
the tools to develop mindfulness, EQ, and inclusive leadership.


2019 Relational Mindfulness Programs

WE: Grow

Your employees will learn Relational Mindfulness™ tools for establishing work-life integration, stress management, and healthy boundaries, and partner together to create a culture of inclusive belonging.

This series is comprised of four workshops:

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WE: Communicate

Teams will learn Relational Mindfulness™ tools for healthy interpersonal dynamics, effective conflict resolution, and better stress management through improved communication.

This series is comprised of four workshops:

  1. Conscious communication

  2. Feedback models


Each participant will learn Relational Mindfulness tools™ for building the emotional intelligence required to be an inclusive leader in today’s workplace.

This series is comprised of four workshops:

  1. Curiosity

  2. Self-awareness

  3. Empathy

  4. Grit


Your teams can develop Relational Mindfulness through:


4-Part Intensives

In-office program scheduled over a quarter


Team Dinner Experiences

Chef Meal with Workshop


Offsites and Retreats

You name the place

WE provided our team with very practical tools to deal with stress and anxiety in the workplace. It is really important for non-profit organizations to share a common language that allows employees to communicate effectively on topics such as stress, stress management and life-work balance.
Leandro Quintera, Industry Manager, Ghetto Film School

WE for Women at Work

Our origin (dating back to 2008) is in women-for-women development, and WE currently offer a few programs specifically for women-identifying employees.


female-identifying program

WE: Voice

Each participant will define their unique contribution, create a vision for growth, and learn to communicate effectively in any environment.


  • Personal agency at work

  • Feedback tools

  • Strategies for handling interruption, passive aggressive behavior, and negotiations


female-identifying workshop

WE: Storytelling

Participants will explore their story of accomplishments through defining their story, having a vision for impact, and practicing storytelling that promotes cultures of inclusion and support.


  • Owning personal contributions

  • Communication tools

  • Vision for advancement


Healthy and effective relationships
are profitable for everyone -
especially for your company.  

Don’t just take our word for it:

WE are committed to tangibly quantify the impact of effective relationships through data collection and assessments. All of our findings and recommendations are shared with your leadership team to guide future development programs.  

Specifically, WE measures impact in the following areas:

  1. Employee Wellbeing: emotional health of individuals and teams

  2. Emotional Intelligence: interpersonal dynamics and communication skills

  3. Engagement: commitment to company and vision for future growth


Programs your employees can’t get enough of:

90% of program participants say “I have a new vision for healthy communication with my coworkers.”

93% of program participants say “I am interested in additional WE workshops and programs.”

100% of program participants say  “I would benefit from practicing Relational Mindfulness.”


"WE offered Patagonia employees the unique opportunity to connect the dots between unconscious bias, work-life integration, and improved cross-functional communication."

Patrick Kelly
Talent Management @ Patagonia