Community Programs

WE currently offers Community Programs for women in Los Angeles, and we're expanding to SF and NYC in fall 2018!
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What You Need To Know

For Women Who Are On Their Way +

WE programs provide a personal and professional development hybrid and are ideal for women with a strong sense of self and willingness to contribute.

WE is Process-Oriented +

Meaning we don't host one-off events, and WE members commit to 75-100% attendance depending on the program.

Creativity as Your Teacher +

Our right brains are one of our most under-utilized resources. From collaborative installations to visualizations and more, our programs engage your holistic self for transformation.


Program Options

WE Circles +

WE circles are comprised of women who are looking for personal and professional development in community. Circles are a twelve week commitment and it's incredible to experience the impact of Relational Mindfulness™ and genuine support from other women over a quarter.

WE Intensives +

WE Intensives are 4-part series that take a deep dive into a specific area for development. We offer different Intensives every quarter, and these programs are comprised of women from all different industries. Past Intensives include: Voice, Power of Female Friendship, and Manifestation.

WE Culture +

Every month WE hosts a WE: Culture event focused on inviting women to experience their city in new ways. WE members help curate and host these events, which range from private gallery tours to volunteer opportunities, film screenings, private music shows and more.