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WE engages with new clients through an initial information-gathering session, either video or in-person, to discuss your needs and share our relevant experience and methodology.

Based on what we learn together during that consultation/conversation, our team will draft a proposal outlining program goals, timeline, and deliverables. From our first call together to activating a program, WE delivers an intentional and responsive implementation approach for your company and team(s).

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For speaking requests and all other inquiries, please contact admin@welcometowe.com.



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WE community experiences are for visionaries looking for personal and professional development in community. WE offer a number of Relational Mindfulness series (4-parts) and Retreats throughout the year for groups of 18-40 people. And once a month WE host one-off workshops called Culture Events!

If you're interested in joining one of our Community Experiences and are located in LA, check out our events page.

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