WE creates healthy cultures through 
the lens of Relational Mindfulness®


WE uses experiential programming to give each employee the tools to develop mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and inclusive leadership skills. Our proprietary approach of Relational Mindfulness® will transform your culture from the inside out by focusing on thriving relationships as the key to max engagement.


WE programs are for

Hi-Po Leaders

who want to develop and engage at your company for the long-term. Your high-potential managers and execs will cast a vision for inclusive leadership and growth at your company and learn to create a culture of recognition, commitments, and accountability.

Women ERGs

who are looking for next-level support and growth. Your women will develop their agency and personal contribution, vision for work-life integration, high-impact mentorship, and more


who want to go beyond old-school team-building and dive deep into developing themselves, their communication, and their team identity and values.


2019 WE Programs


relationship to self

Cultivate Personal Development with

We: Thrive

Your employees will learn Relational Mindfulness™ tools for establishing work-life integration, stress management, and healthy boundaries, and partner together to create a culture of inclusive belonging.


relationship to EACH OTHER

Cultivate Conscious Communication with

We: Communicate

Teams will learn Relational Mindfulness™ tools for healthy interpersonal dynamics, effective conflict resolution, and better stress management through improved communication.


relationship to COMMUNITY

Cultivate Inclusive Leadership with

We: Mentor

Each participant will implement vision casting, goal-setting, and communication tools to experience four types of mentoring dynamics (traditional, reverse, peer-to-peer, and self-guided).