DESIRE Session Breakdowns

DESIRE is a powerful life-force and yet we shy away from owning our wants and needs in our relationships. We have been conditioned to suppress to deny our wants and needs. However,  this is an essential component to having meaningful relationships. Being people who can identify and voice our desires for our personal and professional connections is part of leading with power and living authentically.

Session 1

Why is play so important to healthy and lasting relationships? Playing together increases bonding, communication, conflict resolution and relationship satisfaction. In this session you will learn how to make play an everyday occurence to combat stress, spice it up, and enjoy your life. It is a simple way to make a big impact in connection!

Session 2

Did you know there are different types of intimacy? Each kind is important and can be mindfully nurtured in your relationships: intellectual, emotional, experiential, and spiritual intimacy. In this session, you will think bigger about intimacy and the ways you can experience this sense of being seen, known, and truly valued in your relationships.

Session 3

Research shows that when we experience our autonomy it quenches our thirst for power but gaining influence does not benefit us in this way (The Atlantic). In this session you will explore signs of unequal power dynamics, how to ask for what you want and need, and learn why power impacts our pleasure.

Session 4

“Vulnerability is ultimately a willingness to take a risk,” according to author and psychologist  Paul Coleman. Uncertainty, risk taking, emotional exposure: these are the ingredients required for vulnerability to make a way for the kind of relationships we crave. In this session, you will learn how being vulnerable results in a longer life, healthier relationships, and personal healing.