Developing Relational Mindfulness™
in Communities and Companies


Relational Mindfulness™ supports companies such as:


"WE offered Patagonia employees the unique opportunity to connect the dots between unconscious bias, work-life integration, and improved cross-functional communication."

Patrick Kelly
Talent Management @ Patagonia





Relational Mindfulness™

The next step for lasting wellbeing in the workplace and in our lives is through the lens of effective relationships. Relational Mindfulness™ is a proprietary program which has been developed over 10+ years of working with women. All of our programming uses active engagement and the power of creativity to unlock personal and professional development.

There's a progressive flow to Relational Mindfulness™ that we walk through in our curriculum. This holistic approach to wellbeing really works, and provides you with accessible tools that you can utilize in your day-to-day.



The Key to Transformation


WE creates healthy cultures through the lens of Relational Mindfulness™.  

Our specialty is the women-for-women dynamic as we’ve seen radical transformation take place in the lives of women when they are supported by each other at work.

Relational Mindfulness™ is a methodology that works for everyone, which is why we also offer select co-ed programming based on a company’s cultural needs.



Active Participation Based

There’s a time and place for panels, experts, and lectures, but that’s not WE. Our programs activate each person for max learning and fun. No team member left behind.

Power of Creative Play

WE uses creative and connective play to bond coworkers beyond the status quo and access group flow.

Mutual Support

Discover how to reimagine a culture of generosity for your team. WE activates each individual to give and receive support in meaningful ways throughout the session.


WE Corporate Programs Include:


Introduction Workshops

A dynamic and interactive introduction to Relational Mindfulness™
Provide a framework for cultivating three key relational dynamics at work: yourself, others and your company. 


    Specifics +

    • For teams, affinity groups, or the company at large
    • 1-3 hour workshop
    • Digital facilitation provided for remote employees
    • Includes data collection, analysis, and cultural recommendations moving forward

    Here’s What You Can Expect +

    • Get an overview of Relational Mindfulness and why it matters for you
    • Learn specific tools to improve your relationships at work
    • Have fun learning in an interactive and creative environment

    Intensive Programs

    Targeted sessions for transformation.

    Available in the following categories:
    Emotional Intelligence, Empathetic Team-Building, or Conscious Leadership


    Specifics +

    • Comprised of four 90 minute sessions within 90 days
    • Ideal for teams of 8-25
    • Includes data collection, analysis, and cultural recommendations moving forward

    Here’s What You Can Expect +

    Culture building takes time. That’s why we built these programs to happen over four sessions - we take your teams through an arc of transformation so that by the end they have that special camaraderie that only happens when people truly share a meaningful process together.

    Whether it’s finding ways to share our stories, finally addressing the underlying issues we’d all rather avoid, or getting honest about our need to belong, your people will go through a curated journey together and come out stronger on the other side.



    Not your average company off-site.
    Take your team or company offsite to the next level with Relational Mindfulness™ programming to connect teams in deeper ways and cast a new vision for healthy culture. 




      Specifics +

      • 1-3 Day Programs
      • Can work in tandem with your current off-site programming
      • Integrates Personal and Professional Development

      Package Options +

      Every retreat is tailored to partner with your pre-existing goals for team offsites to bring about maximum impact for the time invested. Choose from supplemental programming for your existing offsite or our complete retreat package which includes housing, chef meals, wellness program, and more.

      Supplemental Programming
      Ideal for Executive Leadership

      • Professional & Personal Development Workshops
      • Creative Team-Building
      • Group Rituals and Celebration
      • Vision-Casting Workshops

      Full Retreat
      In addition to programming this package provides:

      • World-class lodging
      • Private on-site chef
      • Wellness Instructors (yoga, meditation, breath work, massage)
        "Circles" by Molly Haslund

      "Circles" by Molly Haslund


      The Spirit of WE

      We are obsessed with reimagining what’s possible for personal and professional relational dynamics. There is a collective pause, reflect, and reset happening to bring about last wellbeing and it seems we all agree: relationship is everything. It gives our lives meaning, context, and is the key to true wellbeing. As the truism goes, “The quality of our lives are determined by the quality of our relationships.”

      Rather than trying to insert new theories and concepts through traditional (and clearly outdated) learning modalities WE have committed to power of experience. When we are immersed in experiences, such as creative hands-on collaborations and live active participation, we move beyond passive learning to creating true change and impact. At WE there is a shared fascination with how neuroplasticity can change our perception of who we are and how we belong in our current communities and roles.

      As we look toward the future we know that emotional intelligence will emerge as an invaluable skill set to support and connect people in authentic and meaningful ways. What would it look like for entire cultures to be educated in relational intelligence? How would empathy and generosity tools shift your work life and personal relationships? We are committed to provide space, experiences, and tangible tools resulting in healthy and thriving relationships. Let’s start with you!



      The WE Team

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      WE are facilitators creatives and artists cultural matriarchs instigators experience hosts catalysts


      WE are not conferences / panels man-haters preachy quick-fixes boring AF