WE develops
Relational Mindfulness® in companies & communities.


This matters because the quality of our lives is determined by the
quality of our relationships.


Who WE Serve


"WE offered Patagonia employees the unique opportunity to connect the dots between unconscious bias, work-life integration, and improved cross-functional communication."

Patrick Kelly
Talent Management @ Patagonia


What is Relational Mindfulness?

Our methodology of tools and practices to improve quality of life through quality of relationships.

Developed over 10+ years of working with women in personal and professional development.


There's a progressive flow to Relational Mindfulness™


For Companies

Our development series transform company cultures by working with teams, ERGs, and hi-potential leaders.


For Communities

For the past 3+ years our Relational Mindfulness programs have been transforming communities through experiential series and retreats.


The WE Transformation

active participation / creative play /
environment of inclusion / work-life integration / process-oriented