WE are redefining what’s possible for relationships

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WE are obsessed with reimagining what’s possible for personal and professional relational dynamics. It gives our lives meaning, context, and is the key to true wellbeing.

To actualize this mission, WE have committed to the power of experience. When we are immersed in experiential learning, we move beyond passive concepts and lofty ideas to generate true change and long-term impact.

WE ask you to imagine with us - What would it look like for entire cultures to be educated in relational intelligence? How would empathy and EQ tools transform your work life and personal relationships? These are just a few of the questions we’re committed to exploring by providing space, experiences, and tangible tools that result in healthy and thriving relationships.


The We Transformation

Active Participation

Meaning we’re talking less than 20% of the time, and there’s no hiding in the corner on your phone or laptop.

Creative Play

WE incorporates creative exercises to stimulate unconventional methods of holistic learning, self-discovery, and positive relational dynamics.

Environment of Inclusion

Everyone belongs. We create unity and support through listening practices and intentional dialogue, resulting in representation for all.

Work-Life Integration

You’re the same human at home and at work, which is why all of our programs are
a hybrid of personal and professional development.


Change takes time. Think about those one-off trainings you’ve done - how much really stuck? Let us take you on a transformational journey that stays with you.



It is our mission to create a process and space for every woman to embody lasting well-being through strategic investment: in themselves, in other women, and within their WE community.

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WE are facilitators creatives and artists cultural matriarchs instigators experience hosts catalysts


WE are not conferences / panels man-haters preachy quick-fixes boring AF

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We love the way intentional spaces elevate experiences, and we've put a lot of work into ours.

That said, swing by for coffee or cocktails and tell us about yourself while enjoying our art and a glorious view of downtown.

Our space is also available for rent, so shoot us a message. Trust us, it's got the best light in DTLA.