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Developing Relational Mindfulness™ in communities and companies through creative and relational programming



Relational Mindfulness™


The next step for lasting wellbeing in the workplace and in our lives is through the lens of effective relationships. Relational Mindfulness™ is a proprietary program which has been developed over 10+ years of working with women. All of our programming uses active engagement and the power of creativity to unlock personal and professional development.



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The key to


WE creates healthy cultures through the lens of Relational Mindfulness™.  

Our specialty is the women-for-women dynamic as we’ve seen radical transformation take place in the lives of women when they are supported by each other at work.

Relational Mindfulness™ is a methodology that works for everyone, which is why we also offer select co-ed programming based on a company’s cultural needs.




WE has an unapologetic drive to see people enjoy their lives through health relationship. In order to see transformation take place in culture, WE partners with companies and communities in these ways:



Culture Programs

WE's corporate programming has been referred to as "the frontier of wellbeing for women at work". Our Relational Mindfulness™ programs span from two hour experiences to quarterly programs and off-site retreats. WE serves companies who value the effectiveness and profitability of cultivating healthy relationships in the workplace.


WE Circles

WE circles are comprised of female CEOs, creatives, and entrepreneurs working in a wide range of industries. Our Relational Mindfulness™ curriculum facilitates an intimate dynamic of peer-to-peer mentorship among leaders through these quarterly programs.

WE experiences are taking place in LA, SF and NYC, with digital circles available internationally.



Brigit has a clear vision for what it looks like to champion women and I have experienced firsthand her authentic commitment to providing genuine support. WE programming will be a major benefit to women in companies that are looking to implement wellbeing that goes beyond the status quo.

I highly recommend partnering with Brigit and her team to get the next-level support women need to excel in the current climate.
— VANESSA DEWEY | Lead, Development and Creative Experiences @ Mattel Inc.
WE has been a immensely valuable part of my structure for both my professional and personal life. I was feeling isolated and disconnected running a company, juggling travel and start-up culture. WE provided a place for me to find meaningful support and the self-reflection I need to thrive in my position and experience true wellbeing.

I want to be a life-long member and can’t recommend it enough!
— Brit Gilmore | President, The Giving Keys Forbes 30 Under 30
Being a member of WE has been very important to me as a safe and supportive community to process my life as a woman, mother, and founder. The curriculum is intentional and a refreshing take on what it looks like for women to really support other women without agenda.

I looked forward to WE every week and feel it would make a profound impact on companies looking to create sustainable support for women at work.
— Sarah Dubbeldam | Founder and Editor-In-Chief | Darling Media
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